Big Munafa

Make Big Savings & Big Profit

At Big Munafa, we envisioned an idea of developing a beneficial environment for both thousands of sellers (nearby shops & stores) and millions of buyers (customers) across India.

Big Munafa App is the member of Yoomber Private Limited

Demo Video

This demo video explains how Big Munafa App works and how it benefits
buyers and sellers

About Us

Big Munafa App
98% of shopping in India still happens on stores and shops or what we call as offline shopping. Big Munafa aims to enhance the shopping experience of these 98% of the shopping. With Big Munafa app’s outstanding features, you can search which nearby stores sell the items you are looking for, you can avail special discounts on everything, you will also get cashback on everything, you will get information on what clearance (flash) sales these stores are offering. Also, you may get a revolutionary “price match” feature in which nearby stores may decide to match the lowest price you are getting anywhere else.

Big Munafa Advantage
By using Big Munafa app for all shopping needs, you can do anywhere-anytime Big Bachat (Discounts) & Big Munafa (Cashback) on everything. Moreover, Big Munafa will manage all your shopping needs - everything - groceries, daily needs, electronics, cars, repair services, anything we need to shop using just one app…..!!

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