Know Nearby Sellers Offering Best Discounts & Cashback

Big Munafa will provide you a list of nearby stores offering best deals & cashback on everything
Best Discounts Cashback

Utilize Flash Sale to Get Very High Discounts

Huge Savings
In Big Munafa app, you can utilize Flash Sale option to see which nearby sellers are offering very high discounts (e.g. end of season, clearance sale) for limited time

Price Match Feature to Match Lowest Available Price

Using Big Munafa, you can get Price Match in which the nearby seller will match the lowest price you are getting for a product anywhere else
Lowest Price

Get Discounts & Cashback Anywhere Anytime

Anytime Discounts Anywhere
Using change location feature in Big Munafa app, you can get discounts and cashback any time, any where in India

One App for All of Your Needs

In Big Munafa, you will have everything (grocery, furniture, electronics, repairs, clothing, restaurants etc.) for all your needs

One App
for Everything

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