Make Your Store Discoverable

Using Big Munafa app, your store will become discoverable to thousands of new customers near you
New Customers

Advertise Discounts and Flash Sale

More Sales
Using Big Munafa app, you can offer discounts & flash sale to quickly bring new customers

Become a Featured Seller

By becoming a featured seller you will appear on the top of seller listing to beat competition and increase sales
Top Rank More Sales

Beat Competition in Your Market

Using change location feature in Big Munafa app, you can get discounts and cashback any time, any where in India

Price Match Feature to beat Online Competition

Using Big Munafa, you can offer a Price Match offer to match the lowest price the customer is getting on eCommerce or at other store

More Sales

What are the fees?

Per Transaction Fee: starting from 2% Varies by category. This fee will be charged only if you get new transactions through Big Munafa app. This fee can be reduced when you record more transactions at Big Munafa app.

Click here to check how much fee will be charged to you.
Monthly Convenience fee of only Rs. 299. This will be charged only once every month.
Optional: Become Featured Fee: This fee will be charged only if you want to appear on top of the search list. This is charged only Rs. 50 per day.

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